Monday, April 4, 2011

New contributor: Introduction

I thank Eugene for considering me worthy to contribute to his blog...i'm honoured!

My outlook on life is punctuated with questions - about life, love and everything else! Questions are what makes life real to it find answers to those questions; to initiate change and to complete ME. I'd hate to be the opposite - accept, be and stagnate. Hate, some would argue it is such a 'harsh' word (in this context), but it expresses how strongly I feel about it. CHANGE drives us, life, the world or universe as we know it and hence our very existence.

Now, does change occur in isolation; in a vacuum without questions?

The blog is attempt to make people question: their own life experiences; the interaction with that of others and the resulting change. Many different topics, some of which i don't have the foggiest clue what it is about, will be posted! We'll ask the questions, sometimes uncomfortable and awkward; sometimes obvious, but never....ever for the sake of it! When i say we, i don't just mean the blog authors, but everyone commenting on a post or responding to a comment. We'll ALL be contributors - asking questions and giving answers, for none of us know everything (although some would like to think so).

Let's explore this CHANGING WORLD together....let's find answers....let's question the answers......let's........