Thursday, January 20, 2011

There is something wrong with this world

Do you get the feeling that something is just wrong with the world?

Its sort of obvious but yet you cant put your finger on it?
I dont know about you but I get this feeling that there is something wrong with this world we living in today. Call it what you want, gut feeling , a hunch , but something is off and it feels as if whatever is wrong is about to be revealed soon. Soon may not necessarily be tomorrow , a few weeks ,months from now but definitely in our generation.

Am I the only one?

There are all these words and phrase flying around like New World Order , Transhumanism ,2012 ,Antichrist Dajjal , World War 3 ,The Apocalypse , The Illuminati , End of the world , The second coming of Christ , 911 inside job , Mass Mind Control.
I feel like Neo in the Matrix that has been awoken by taking the blue pill. A promise that what Im about to embark on may not be pretty but its the truth. Today its no different with evidence of the evils of the world starring you in the face but only those who are "awake" will be able to notice it. Those that have not yet been turned into a battery of materialism.
Id like to explorer the evidence a bit deeper but will leave that for another post but I will try and cover as many topics as I can. As they say in the series ,The Arrivals , "Dont take this as absolute truth but do your own research and discover the truth by yourself.
Final note, Im not a writer by any means and my only objective here is to do good in this world by sharing what I can if I can push just one person in the rioght direction I will be happy.

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