Monday, April 4, 2011

New contributor: Introduction

I thank Eugene for considering me worthy to contribute to his blog...i'm honoured!

My outlook on life is punctuated with questions - about life, love and everything else! Questions are what makes life real to it find answers to those questions; to initiate change and to complete ME. I'd hate to be the opposite - accept, be and stagnate. Hate, some would argue it is such a 'harsh' word (in this context), but it expresses how strongly I feel about it. CHANGE drives us, life, the world or universe as we know it and hence our very existence.

Now, does change occur in isolation; in a vacuum without questions?

The blog is attempt to make people question: their own life experiences; the interaction with that of others and the resulting change. Many different topics, some of which i don't have the foggiest clue what it is about, will be posted! We'll ask the questions, sometimes uncomfortable and awkward; sometimes obvious, but never....ever for the sake of it! When i say we, i don't just mean the blog authors, but everyone commenting on a post or responding to a comment. We'll ALL be contributors - asking questions and giving answers, for none of us know everything (although some would like to think so).

Let's explore this CHANGING WORLD together....let's find answers....let's question the answers......let's........


Monday, February 21, 2011

Up and coming Posts

Here Ive made a short list of future topics I'd like to discuss in as much detail as I can. I wish I had the time right now but unfortunately work and family keeps me very busy.

The facts and statements in all my posts should not be taken as absolute truth but I want you to read with an open mind and make up your own mind whether my posts has any substance. The least it should make you think and wonder that it really could be possible that all this is real and happening right now.
That the world is changing and something just doesn't feel right anymore.

In no particular order:
  • Trans humanism
  • Illuminati Symbols
  • Music Industry
  • Movie Industry
  • Hollywood
  • The Daijal /Antichrist
  • The Federal Reserve and the Banking system
  • Horus (The one eyed Antichrist)
  • Bloodlines
  • The Royal Family
  • Barack Obama and the pervious US Presidents
  • The New World Order (NWO)
  • The Bilderberg group
  • The trilateral group
  • World Energy Points and what the significance of this is
  • Mass Mind Control - Project MK Ultra and subliminal messaging
  • 9/11 Attacks and the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Micro chipping (is this real? Is this a real threat)
  • 2012
  • UFO's and the final threat to bring the world together to produce the NWO
  • Floride - Whats up with this?
Ive done allot of research and do indeed feel that there is truth to allot of these seemingly extreme topics. 
Some of the topics Ive listed I need to and would like to research further until I fully understand it myself. 

Feel free to comment with suggestions and topics you would like to add onto the list.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

There is something wrong with this world

Do you get the feeling that something is just wrong with the world?

Its sort of obvious but yet you cant put your finger on it?
I dont know about you but I get this feeling that there is something wrong with this world we living in today. Call it what you want, gut feeling , a hunch , but something is off and it feels as if whatever is wrong is about to be revealed soon. Soon may not necessarily be tomorrow , a few weeks ,months from now but definitely in our generation.

Am I the only one?

There are all these words and phrase flying around like New World Order , Transhumanism ,2012 ,Antichrist Dajjal , World War 3 ,The Apocalypse , The Illuminati , End of the world , The second coming of Christ , 911 inside job , Mass Mind Control.
I feel like Neo in the Matrix that has been awoken by taking the blue pill. A promise that what Im about to embark on may not be pretty but its the truth. Today its no different with evidence of the evils of the world starring you in the face but only those who are "awake" will be able to notice it. Those that have not yet been turned into a battery of materialism.
Id like to explorer the evidence a bit deeper but will leave that for another post but I will try and cover as many topics as I can. As they say in the series ,The Arrivals , "Dont take this as absolute truth but do your own research and discover the truth by yourself.
Final note, Im not a writer by any means and my only objective here is to do good in this world by sharing what I can if I can push just one person in the rioght direction I will be happy.